Our Story

Friendwatch.org is the story of one father who saw an opportunity to do something and took it. One day I took my teenage son and his best friend to a movie. Upon exiting that movie, still enjoying a great mood, both boys phones blew up with texts informing them of the suicide of one of their good friends just hours earlier. I remember watching the deflation in their faces.

As we discussed what happened on the drive home I learned that multiple peers knew the boy who committed suicide was sad, crying in school, struggling, etc. Unfortunately the boys peers didn’t share what they knew with parents or teachers out of fear of being exposed or becoming the next target of bullying. As I talked with more teens and teachers in other states I realized lots of teens knew lots of things, yet weren’t sharing this vital information for one silly reason – lack of anonymity.

Thankfully, as the owner of a software company, I had access to all the resources I needed to fill that void and create an actual software program that would allow any teen the ability to share their important information freely and safely.

Our programmers, web development pros, videographers, copy writers – even sales and marketing – all pitched in to make a difference and save some teens. This wonderful team of talented people got behind my crazy idea and volunteered their valuable time. The result, friendwatch.org

Our mission is to open the channels of communication between teens with vital information and those who can use that information to help a teen in trouble.

If you have questions about friendwatch.org, how to register your school or how you can help support the cause, please just reach out.


Jay Niblick
Founder, Innermetrix Incorporated

Special thanks must go out to:
Jim Edward Caudell – our website developer
Dave Shafer – who got the very first school in the country to back us
Steve Bonetz – for his assistance with filming
Garry Shaw and the Teen Team – from gmotiong who created the incredible video message
Joelle smith – who kept everything all together
Dr. Dave Goodin (and the spring-ford school team) – for going where no other school had gone
Sid Upadhyay – the one who programmed the guts behind it all