Anti-Bullying/Suicide prevention SOFTWARE? Yes!
Teen bullying, abuse, suicide…we can stop it.

Message from a friendwatch user

When a child hurts themselves due to bullying or abuse, the question isn’t, “Didn’t someone know?” The question should be, “Why didn’t we let them tell us!”

There’s been a tremendous amount of talking about teen bullying, abuse and suicide lately. Talking is great – but action is even better!

The tragedy of a teen in trouble through bullying, drugs, abuse and suicide is horrible, but an even bigger tragedy is that in most cases their friends knew but didn’t tell the right people; people who could have helped.

Why? Peers tell us they’re reluctant to share their concerns out of fear; fear for loss of social approval, fear of angering a friend, fear of being embarrassed or fear of becoming the next target.

Shockingly, the only existing way for a teen to share such concerns is to tell a teacher in person or fill out a form – by hand in full public view in the main office. In other words, there is NO truly anonymous way to share their concerns.

Schools have great protocols in place to help a teen in trouble, but only once they know who’s in trouble. With teens afraid to speak up, these programs do no good. If we’re to save more teens, what’s needed is an online vehicle where they can share their concerns…with complete anonymity. was created to give teens an instant, virtual and completely anonymous way to share their vital knowledge with the right people; in time!

Friendwatch is a hosted virtual service provided FREE to any school. By simply registering and placing a link on their main website, a school can give their students the ability to click a button and share their all-so-vital knowledge. And do so completely anonymously!

Once completed, the webform is instantly forwarded to the Student Assistance Team in that school. Armed with this information their existing protocols kick in and the appropriate actions can take place.

These teens know important things. It’s up to us to let them tell us!

We need your help to save more teens in trouble! Please share this site with everyone you know, and ask your school administrators to register today! Somewhere out there – right NOW – someone has information about a friend in need. Let’s give them a way to tell us before it’s too late!